19th Century American Silhouettes Books For Sale

This is a MUST HAVE book for anyone interested in 19th century American silhouettes. It is packed with illustrations. The book is just the right size to read in bed with good sized fonts to boot. Alice was a good writer with flair. She will entertain you while you learn about silhouettes.

Contents to include:

American Profile Types
The Earliest Shadows
Three Early Nineteenth-Century Profilists
The Profiles of William Bache
Painted Profiles and Profiles Engraved on Gold
"The Celebrated Master Hubbard"
Three Other Prodigies
The Lesser Lights
Profiles by Amateurs, Gifted - And Otherwise
Augustin Edouart
William Henry Brown
Saint-Memin and His Profiles
The Framing and Hanging of Profiles

With this book and my blogs, you could become an expert, or at least a wanna-be expert, on silhouettes within a few days. Do not buy antique silhouettes until you educate yourself first. There are countless fakes, reproductions, and fantasies out there. Be smart!

Amazingly, many collectors and dealers always hesitate to spend a few dollars for good reference works. Yet, they will spend big bucks to add something to their collection and inventory. That is what I call "poor spending habit." As a result, some items they buy turn out to be "rogue" at best. Education is cheap; mistakes are costly. Consider building a fine library on your specialty, whatever that may be. The return on this investment is big, very big, and infinite.

For a 1968 reprint edition with the original dust jacket (few taped repairs). This copy is NOT EX-LIB but does have prior ownership mark or two. The book has 205 pages with 52 black & white plates. Condition is very good with matching dust jacket (see photo marked "2"). $40 plus $4 shipping domestic, paypal only

For the original 1928 edition without the dust jacket (see photo marked "1"). This copy is NOT EX-LIB. The book has 205 pages with 52 black & white plates. Covers has stains, very good interior. $45 plus $4 shipping doemstic, paypal only

For the original 1928 edition with the dust jacket (see photo marked "3"). This is a clean copy with nice jacket with a few taped repairs, price clipped. This book is tough to find with its clean original jacket. Believe me, this price is a bargain for this book! $75 plus $4 shipping domestic, paypal only

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