What do readers think? Feedbacks?

One of the readers writes: "About 5 years ago my great uncle who lived in Kentucky sent me out this old box of family heirlooms that had belonged to his wife's mother who was my great grandmother. Everything in this box was identified by her as to who the stuff belonged to and this would have been done around 1920. It contained a lot of old photos, documents and other things that belonged to her grandmother who was born in 1845. In this box was this old silk embroidered pocketbook and it was identified as "The property of Martha Mar Winters Palmer".

She was my grandmothers great grandmother and was born in 1818 in Kentucky. Her parents were Jacob and Nancy Winter. Jacob was from Maryland and Nancy Virginia. Nancy's parents were John Ward and Dosia Anderson. John fought in the revolution in Virginia. The silhouette was cut out of black paper and pasted in the pocketbook. There are some bad spot on the edges that are from the needlework on the opposite side rubbing on it.

Anyway, I'm trying to fiqure out if this thing is American or not. I have tried and tried to find a family ancestor that matches the initials with no luck at all. One thing I've always wondered about is the last battle of the Revolutionary War ended in 1782 and was fought at Blue Licks Kentucky, a few miles from where they lived. Could there be a tie between that battle and this pocketbook, especially with the rifle and powder bag on the front???

On the top of the inside are some intials which I sent a close of. I think they are W.M.C. and also one side of the sleeve is open and the backing has some paper with letters and some numerals. The letters to me look like the old english letters that means lb. and shilling. Inside the sleeve is a real old baby's bonnet and a 1876 copy of the Declaration of Indepedence. Anyway, it would be nice to hear what you might know about something like this. Maybe you've seen other silhouette's that are similar. Any thought's would be deeply appreciated."