Benjamin Franklin Silhouette by Peale

This is surely a dilemma for a physiognomist. If I were presented with two silhouettes, a Foster Brothers and Old Benjy here, which would I prefer to hang on my wall? If I were to choose between death and more taxes, of course I would prefer more taxes. So which is death in this case, Foster Bro. or Ben? This item has a mimimum of $900 starting bid. The auction company is quite well-known, not for silhouettes but for having excellent selection of coins and medals in their auctions.

The description is as follows: "Period Silhouette of Benjamin Franklin, Peale's Museum, Choice Very Fine. This hollow-cut profile silhouette bears an embossed museum label ("PEALE'S MUSEUM") with an eagle, identified as belonging to Charles Wilson Peale's museum in Philadelphia. The cream-colored, embossed mat has a cutout black fabric silhouette of Benjamin Franklin--making for a stunning profile. Portrait is enclosed in original, gilt-plaster covered wood frame, measuring 6.75" x 5" overall."

Right off the bat, "Wilson" is miss-speled. "Embossed mat" must be a new term. I do not even know what a "cutout black fabric silhouette" is. What makes the auctioneer think it is even Franklin? It looks more like my neighbor.

This is a "YUCK" item for sure.

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