Nice Bache but too Bad

Some eBayer had to ask, "Can you please tell me whether this silhouette is cut & paste with painted embellishment or all painted?"

Seller revised by stating, "Please note: I can see part of an embossed area reading Bache's - I assume for Bache's Patent - Bache was an important American silhouettist (1771-1845)."

I knew it was Bache even seeing the stamp and thought that I could get it real cheap. When someone asks that sort of questions, it is like choking your own neck. It brought $400, which is a strong price especially enclosed in that frame that is very English. What worries me is that the oval opening is way too small for Bache. I do not know whether the paper is folded to fit the opening or just plain cut off to accompany the opening. Whichever, it must be defective. As a general rule, you do not cut the silhouette to fit the frame. You find one that is large enough to accomondate it.

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