Henry Williams Silhouette and Portrait Painting

The images and their descriptions came from Jane. I could only dream about owning such a painting.

Attached are photos of both the Henry Williams' portrait of Henry Burroughs, and the Williams' silhouette of Master John Day. Henry Burroughs was painted circa 1810, and he lived in Boston, Ma. his entire life. He was born in 1783, and died in 1870. His portrait is in the original gold frame and measures 25 1/2"x 31 1/2" overall. This portrait was most likely exhibited at Harvard University in an exhibition by Alan Burroughs, who graduated, I believe, in 1934. Alan Burroughs,incidently, was a pioneer in the application of X-radiography to the examination of works of art at The Harvard University Art Museum.

Master John Day was cut by Williams around the same time, in Boston, and he is also in his original frame. I haven't been able to trace John Day as of this time. I would estimate his age around 10-12 years old when his silhouette was made.

I acquired the silhouette at an antique show about 10 years ago, and recently acquired the portrait from a Connecticut dealer's website. It really is neat to have an example of both mediums in which Henry Williams is noted for being an accomplished artist! The oil portrait of Burroughs almost takes your breath away with its detail of the face. It doesn't show up as detailed in the photo, however.

ED's NOTE: We no longer consider those silhouettes stamped WILLIAMS to be the works by Henry Williams. This silhouette here was likely made in the 1920s. For more on this subject, see 1/10/2012 posting.

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