Silhouette like a Close-Up Photo

This is the most highly detailed, painted silhouette I ever owned. Can someone provide a more detailed example? The delineation of her hat is so precise that one can even see its weaving. This is VERY unusual. The artist had to use a powered glass to execute it. What do you think?


Some People are Talented

It amazes me how some people have a knack for things that we call art. I invited a young student over several years ago. He looks at my silhouettes hanging on the walls. He says he can imitate them, so I gave him a razor and paper. He came up with these cuttings. My cat is a calico, and he even denineates her pattern. He is a good looking kid, but he cuts a way too masterful piece for himself, perhaps justified under the circumstances. I do not know which bustline he imitated, perhaps Peale?

Don't Wanna Pick but....

Described as "looks to be mid 1800s" is this pair of silhouette from an auction. The man looks to be in the style of or after William Chamberlain. The lady seems to be a combination of period style. These may have been done during the "period" by an amateur. I believe the word "folky" is personal. For me these are just too folky or perhaps the proper is too "funky." Whatever they are, there is something there that attracts attention, not for its artistic merits, however. I think they are cute.