William King Silhouette

Another rare item, although not as rare as Jennys or Williams, is this silhouette by William King in black frame by the same auction company, Conestoga Auction Company. They also have a very rare Day's Patent. Unfortunately, the stamp does not show on their photograph. I have written them asking for the close-up of the stamp but nothing comes my way, yet. At any rate, many of King's men have similarities. To illustrate this, I have also attached a King from my collection for comparison. The auction item is the one in the black frame. Other images are mine.


sanddust said...

Hi. I recently purchased a number of silhouettes and I am now doing some research on them. Of the twenty or so I have one marked W King, one marked Williams, one marked D Hubbard and more that are either unmarked or I am not able to determine the mark. Is thier a reference book available that will help identify the marks?

ME said...

should get silhouettes book by alice van leer carrick