Rare Buncombe for Sure

Although this is not an American silhouette, it is one of the important artists from the other side so decided to list it. It is from eBay with a starting bid of $800. I do not know if the seller is pulling our legs or what. If anyone bids on this, I will tear my illustrations out of books and start selling!

"This is an original work of the well known and highly praised John Buncombe. The beauty of this piece is that the illustration is followed by a caption authenticating the work as described " PAINTED MILITARY PORTRAIT OF THE 18TH CENTURY, BY J BUNCOMBE OF NEWPORT, ISLE OF WIGHT " printed on the work itself.

Damage to this piece has occured and is described as follows :
Throughought its entirity there is a very light bleeding that is concentrated just to the right of the soldier's apparel.This peice has slight mold along the top edge where it was affixed to the tilt hinge mounting originaly. There is a slight scuff bellow the numerals in the prefix 18th seen in the caption bellow the soldier.

Deminsions are 4.5 inches wide by 6 inches tall. All of the slight imperfections are minute and give the piece a truely delightfull charm."

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