You Decide

This silhouette is from on eBay. It is in a gilded or gold-leafed frame made ca.1830, give-or-take. The silhouette has“flair” of ca.1830 design.

The aura of perception implements a graphic concept and the permanence of ideas; it represents something of a common origin behind a common purpose. The persistence of the concept is rooted in the association of form with function. How far this common origin explains the similarity of this item and others previously mentioned on this site is based on an actual derivation and not on an accidental coincidence. The difficulty is to know how far the premises correspond. They suggest an innate tendency to utilize similarity in techniques under dissociated circumstances. Although the material is, for the most part, very different, the element that exists in these items is tantamount. Although the beauty, itself, is remarkably appealing at first site, it is also capable of concealing sinister secrets. Having captivated the minds and souls of its surroundings, nature secretes a concoction for the defenseless.

The acuteness of her nose and the chin, along with its exaggerated eyelash, not to mention her “imposing” detailing of the hair, the “blueness” of brushwork have something of their friendliness resigned.

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