More Questionable Items

I apologize if I am sounding so cynical these days. This item appeared on eBay from the same seller as the one mentioned below. I just can not see how these two silhouettes are from the early 1800s. They are in a manner of, but at least to me, they lack the flavor of. They sold quite well with multiple bidders on their tails. Can someone point out why they can be from the early 1800s (ca.1830)?

Comment from one of our readers:
Hello - you should check out a new listing on eBay with silhouettes having a suspect signature of Demors . . . you've mentioned in the past that you had concerns with these silhouettes. A new pair has just been listed on eBay today (7/19/10). The real interesting part: on the back of the silhouettes there are ink inscriptions that state these silhouettes are after earlier ones from 1820. AND - stamped below is a label that says: Cut with Common Scissors by Elizabeth Morse. This is the 20th c artist Elizabeth Morse Walsh (1886-1983), who worked as a portrait, figure and landscape artist. More info on her body of work can be found via google or at This seems to solve a mystery.

B.M. Jones writes: That's Great! Thanks for letting us know. One mystery solved!

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