More on the Same Artist

Found two more by the same artist. This artist uses old frames and makes decorative silhouettes. Looks like the artist worked in the manner of different genuine artists. The works have a charm of thier own, but why would collectors pay more than the prices of GENUINE silhouettes? I did not want to come straight out and call the two listed below as reproductions when I posted them, as my words are scarcely worth two bits. With these two additional images, however, perhaps my words are now worth three bits. Since the images are copyrighted, I best mention that the rights belong to "It's about time."


Anonymous said...

Would it be difficult for a professional/reputable dealer to recognize these as "reproductions," or at the least, possessing issues? Thanks.

Antique Silhouettes said...

First, thanks for the comment.

The answer requires some thought.

The "kick" here are the words "professional/reputable dealer." THEY would not sell such items knowing them to be reproductions. On the other hand, if these silhouettes were offered by specialized silhouette dealers as period items, that would be very alarming. This type of silhouettes is not difficult to identify as "bad." However, "bad" is a strong word, and it needs to be backed-up by explaining WHY. There are many bad silhouettes out there on the market. Sellers and buyers need to do a good research on the matter before buyig or selling. Yes, the subject is a possesing issue.

Anonymous said...

With appreciation for the response.