Gotta Have This Book

Don't let the word "British" have a negative affect here, please! I bet this author must have taken three lifetimes to complete this monumental work. This book weighs a ton, printed on quality stock with 800 pages! Talk about "illustrated." There is no other work on the subject that is more thoroughly illustrated! How can anyone write such a reference is totally mind-boggling. In order to understand American silhouettes, one must first understand its origin. Let's face it; British artists were "the cream of the crop." Mckechnie introduces the readers to different types of silhouette frames, which in most part were used here in this country as well. Then there are clearly defined illustrations of men, women and children, and what to look for in an attire to date the silhouettes. She goes even further with details of headgears etc. etc.and to top that of, there are very detailed biographies of artists, many American as well. And then, in-between those pages are ....You just gotta get the book!

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