c1805 Hollow Cut Silhouette

This is a very interesting piece for study. The frame seems to be original to the silhouette, made of wood over plaster, with the glass being an older replacement. Originally, the frame was quite chipped so I have taken the liberty to "fill-in" the plaster and touched up on the paint. Not the best job for sure but it is quite displayable.The wove paper has toned to a light coffee brown color and it is an even toning. To the observer's right, you will notice vertical stress marks of the paper along with a hairline stain. The actual cutting measures 85mm from the tip of her head to the tip of the bust, while the frame measures 4.5 inches in diameter.The image is a typical machine cut, c1803-1810, somewhat resembling the works from "Peale's Museum." It has no maker's mark. I believe I was able to attribute this work to a particular artist, with good confidence. Who do you think it may be? And why?

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