Book You Must Have

This is the "bible" on the subject of American silhouettes. Although the original edition is long out of print, it is quite commonly available. The publisher must have printed plenty as it was the roaring twenties and the silhouette collecting was very popular. If one can not locate the original, which is unlikely, a collector can acquire a reprint edition under another title. Carrick (1875-1951) was born in Tennessee, married Prescott Skinner in 1901 and lived in New Hampshire. She was a contributing editor for The Magazine Antiques. After 77 years since its publication, collectors and dealers, alike, still thumb through the pages of this book, almost daily! It is just an amazing book with a wealth of information. This is not a catalog-like reference but a well-written book that is totally readable and quite charming and fun. I must have read each and every line well over one-hundred times! The book was published with its dust-jacket. Today, most copies are without it. This is a well-bound book and can take some real "kicking." if you can find a copy with "minty" jacket, price unclipped, with nice content and binding, you got yourself a real treasure. I have been looking for such a copy with no luck.

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